The VHS is back in Paris!

We already knew the vinyl records fanatics, let’s meet the videotapes lovera! Blu-ray discs, flat-screen TVs, 3D movies… Forget it ! A parisian hipster, named Stan (35), only has eyes for videotapes, saturated colors and mono sound. We surely wanted to meet this man who intends to relaunch VHS industry!



The interview starts with a film, of course. Credits: « The idea occurred to me in 2008 when I first watched Be Kind Rewind, written and directed by Michel Gondry. » In this film, an employee of a VHS rental store (Mos Def) and his best friend (Jack Black) accidentally erased all the tapes they rent. To replace them, they decide to make their own remakes of films.

A real shock! « This film reminded me why I liked movies so much in my childhood: home made and simple style, the sound of a tape rewinding, in short Creation in the rough. In my everyday job, I have to promote state-of-the-art high tech products with a so-called perfect quality of sound and image. We are in a race for sophistication. The form has taken over the content, it’s frankly a shame. »





A video tape recorder and a tv set from the 80’s


Well … now we understand why Stan wishes to remain anonymes! He adds « I wanted to return to the roots of cinema : beautiful stories, action and dreams in 120 or 240 minutes. I like taking time to rewind a videotape. Take time, well, that’s it. Stop running and take time. »

A few months ago, Stan decided to share his passion with others by creating the « la VHS n’est pas HS! » club (that is to say « Videotapes are not dead ») and the eponymous evenings:
« Every Thursday, instead of going for after-work drinks with my colleagues, I meet other « videotapes lovers » to watch movies and series on my Continental Edison TV bought at a flea market for 3 euros! »


Gravity, far far away from Blu-ray quality


A « videotape-eater » dinosaur



80s style Movie Covers


A Continental Edison TV set bought at a flea market for 3 euros


A surprisingly recent selection by the way: beside iconic films such as Star Wars and Ghostbusters, there are Gravity, The Grand Budapest Hotel , Interstellar and television series such as Game of Thrones , Walking Dead or Breaking Bad! He explains to us:  » One of my friends, who shares my passion, converts files and Blu-ray discs and records them on VHS.  »

These « Videotape Party » events, which gathered only a few people among family and friends at the beginning, created such a frenzy that Stan had to find a bigger place to welcome hundreds of videotape lovers!

And this is just the beginning of Stan’s film. He wants to go further with his new project: « I want to open a video store in my neighborhood next to the Canal Saint Martin in the east side of Paris. The project has already received a warm welcome in my surroundings and I‘m about to launch it on Kickstarter. » In the meantime, Stan is planning the next « la VHS is not HS » party. To be continued… on his Tumblr blog.

Stan website:
Interview & photos : @JulieCarbonnel for Golem13.


Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-VHS-Golem13 interstellar-VHS-Golem13 The-Wolf-of-wall-street-VHS-golem13 The-Walking-Dead-VHS-Golem13 Game-of-thrones-VHS-Golem13

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