Robbie Cooper photographie les gamers de MMORPG et leur avatar

Robbie Cooper, est un photographe américain. Il y a quelques années, il commença un voyage à travers la Corée, la Chine, la France et l’Allemagne afin de photographier des « Gamers » jouant à des MMORPG. Il s’est intéressé à leur alter ego dans ces mondes virtuels. Un travail intéressant montrant la grande différence (ou pas) entre le physique de la personne et leur avatar incarné dans le jeu.













13 Responses to “Robbie Cooper photographie les gamers de MMORPG et leur avatar”
  1. comme quoi, quand l’avatar est une jolie elfette c’est souvent un coréen tout moche derrière 😀

  2. les dit :

    ????? ?????????? ??????????/??????????? ??????? ???. ????? ??? ??????????? ?????? ? ????? ????????? ???? ????????? ??? ???? ??????????.

  3. Xino dit :

    I don’t get it:/

    but good…

  4. I_RAPE_FATS dit :


  5. ZegWee dit :

    Wow, no way man is that like cool or what? Wow.

  6. tomsh dit :

    A little unrealistic when almost all of these are MMOs almost nobody plays.

  7. HomeList dit :

    That’s a really cool idea, I like seeing how some people matched their MMO avatars and others were completely different

  8. I_LAPE_CAETS dit :

    amazing pics, btw go diggers!

  9. Wintermute dit :

    It’s interesting how some of them are so similar (see: dude in business suit) while others are so different (see: fat guy). I wonder if there’s a higher frequency of avatars that look like their users.

    • Philip dit :

      Firstly, most games don’t REALLY give you the choice to be a fat guy (at least none that I’ve played).

      But mostly I think it’s all down to personal taste. As far as mimicking my actual looks, I’m mixed race and find it extremely hard to customise a character to look the way I do. I’m not ugly (or so the girls tell me!) so it’s isn’t about « escaping » from my physical look. I guess it’s partially the « uncanny valley » syndrome. I don’t want to go around a game world with something that looks me with a blocky face or rubbish hair. So I’d rather create a new character that has no reference to the real world. The only game that I’ve attempted to immitate my outward look is Little Big Planet, probably because it is a characterized carricatured verison.

      I’s rather not create a virtual version of me in a game because I don’t feel I’m that far removed from reality that I want to see myself in a virtual world. Or, if I fail to create a virtual version of me, does that mean that I have low self-esteem and « wish » I looked different?

      Subsequently, if I enter a virtual world, surely I might as well be a virtual person that is completely different from myself? I like to tell stories, so when I play a game, I want the protagonist to be a new character, not myself. Would you want to see yourself in a film you like for example? Or would you rather go into someone else’s world/story?

      I think we can’t really categorise. Everyone creats their own avatars for their OWN reasons. Don’t even presume it could be generaised…

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