Game of Thrones: la version rap de Dominik Omega

Une reprise rap assez réussie par Dominik Omega and The Arcitype du générique de la série Game of Thrones.

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On the real your boy is a hip hop playa
but for this joint here i’ll play the role of kingslayer
see toe to toe blow for blow we can fight g
but word to jaime there are no other men like me
this industry is in a roughed up state
cats front so tough you called the bluff they fake
and we all know it too we just love to pretend
use my tongue as a sword slice em with the pointy end
and friends can turn to enemies in a eyeblink
mine click together firm like a maester’s chain link
we got skills and yes we’re so ill
our brotherhood was formed underneath a hollow hill
for real shit’s so sad it’s almost funny
y’all niggas littlefingers steady chasin after money
dummies i do it for the love like stark
and sit alone with my honor in a dungeon in the dark


in this game of thrones it’s eye for eye
there is no middle ground you either win or die
you gotta watch the cats who watch your back
you can get hit quick and man that’s a fact
politics and bedfellows who’s real who’s fake
the surprise in your eyes when your man goes snake
it can happen to your fam or you all alone
we go big we go home we play this game of thrones


lots of fake shit now a days the realm is a snake pit
no gravity you weightless not a chance to escape it
i take shit from no man and never compromise
tread water hold my head navigate the endless lies
there is hope though sure as the dragon flies
the energy i maximize while small folk are terrorized
but never mind see here house classic
high above the game at the wall in a basket
i’m not pretending there will be no happy ending
beats and rhymes blending to produce the red wedding.
do get it how these tracks can’t scar me
you may have the better claim but me i have the bigger army
and like winter were coming so lets get shit clear
i give a what if you broke or a billionaire
under ground versus us you just can’t compare
we give you joints like this and the ‘Reynes of Castemere’.



it’s a travesty watch ’em turn tracks in tragedies
i don’t live life lavishly successfully with the savagery
and avidly punctuate the premise with lead
the A.R. house stands strong the dragon has three heads
instead of spitting lies i use my imp like mind
and never back down i am the mountain that rhymes
i see the doubt in your eyes and feel the weakness in your person
you countin’ the lines until i finish it for certain
hurtin’ cause you just don’t know who to trust
on this changing battlefield it’s not you and i it’s us
discuss the fact we just taken you higher
this one here is a true song of ice and fire
on this microphone i’m just doing my thing
boiling men while alive hip hop mad king
i do it for the love i do it for the art hip hop dire wolf
peace out omega Stark



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